Barbara Thompson

I believe that every connection is an opportunity to encourage. My goal in podcasting & fitness is to help others believe in more!


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What fuels your passion for fitness?

Mental resilience can be built through physical fitness. Meeting goals in the gym can transcend contexts leading to growth in every area of life. I’ve seen it happen over & over through my work as a military psychologist and as a parent. Not only does the work I put into my fitness make me more fit, giving me energy for my family & my work; it boosts my confidence and encourages those around me. And the best part is we all have access to fitness!

Tell us your favorite way to stay fit

My favorite way to stay fit and continue to challenge myself mentally is through CrossFit. Although I’m 43 years old, I’ve never been stronger or faster and best of all, the community and relationships I’ve experienced in my CrossFit gym add meaning and purpose to every session. I love that there are many opportunities to compete in team events also! This has helped me discover my own strengths /weaknesses and appreciate my teammates for theirs. I also love hiking w/my family!

What would you do with $20,000?

I volunteer with a nonprofit, Shields & Stripes- on mission to heal our nation’s Veterans & First Responders. I will donate $15K to them which will support one person’s complete program. I will donate 3K to Hero Games Charity. This will provide travel/meals/lodging for the Gold Star family. Lastly, I will buy a rectangle Olympic trampoline for my family because we love to play outside and had to leave our trampoline when we moved.

Be Positive

Help Barbara Thompson be the next Ms. Health & Fitness while supporting a great cause! The B+ Foundation provides financial assistance to families, funds childhood cancer research, and brings awareness to the fight against childhood cancer.

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