Tania Dempsey

As a physician who started lifting weights in medical school (1992), I remain passionate about setting an example for my patients.


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What fuels your passion for fitness?

My passion comes from 2 aspects of my life. First, I have dealt with several significant health issues over the years, and ultimately, nutrition and exercise is what has saved me each time. It continues to serve as the foundation for my lifestyle and wellbeing. Second, as a physician, I know how aging can affect the body, and I am committed to continuing to work on increasing my muscle mass (which has been shown to reduce health risks with aging) and to be active for the rest of my life.

Tell us your favorite way to stay fit

I love lifting weights. I started my journey in 1992 learning from bodybuilders in the gym and I was immediately hooked. Building muscle and getting stronger are powerful motivators. I currently do a 4 day split: chest/triceps on day 1, day 2 is legs, day 3 is back/biceps and day 4 is shoulders. I also really enjoy walking, running, stairmaster and generally keeping active and moving my body. During the warmer months in NY, I like to add hiking and swimming to my routine.

What would you do with $20,000?

I would donate all the money to LDN Research Trust a nonprofit that is supporting the creation of a free online educational library and documentary about a group of complex, chronic diseases that I specialize in treating, to promote awareness and physician education. As one of the producers of the film and library, my hope is that these much needed resources help medical professionals understand these conditions better and that this leads to improved patient care and quality of life.mcasfund.org

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Help Tania Dempsey be the next Ms. Health & Fitness while supporting a great cause! The B+ Foundation provides financial assistance to families, funds childhood cancer research, and brings awareness to the fight against childhood cancer.

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