Ashley Calo

Fat to fit at 19. Wanted to change other’s lives for the better. 23 yrs later, I have been able to do it many times & can’t wait to do more!


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What fuels your passion for fitness?

I often see myself as a fitness “mechanic”. I love diagnosing issues and finding the perfect remedy through stretches, exercises, or manipulations. Each component, like a puzzle, fitting into its unique place. The endorphins and emotional release drives me, along with the healing power of fitness. The pride after a great workout or a week of self-care. Sharing wins with peers on a similar journey. Despite challenges, the feeling of doing something good for myself and others is truly rewarding.

Tell us your favorite way to stay fit

My “go-to” method is to use high-intensity, variable-interval, metabolic training. I combine this with thoughtful, optimized, volume-controlled nutrition. As a business owner and mom of 3, time is limited so I implement effective combinations focused on strength, power, balance, and plyometrics. I love hard, powerful workouts driven by the healthy fuel to provide me the energy needed to recover efficiently and tackle the rest of my day.

What would you do with $20,000?

When I started training 20+ yrs ago, my goal was to do for others what my trainer did for me! Since, I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals - the teen girl building self-esteem, the 92-yr old husband with a walker who wanted one more dance, and the rising D1 athlete making her college debut. The prize would help open a 2nd studio as well as investing in ConEd to master mobility & recovery. I also wouldn’t mind adding a hot/cold plunge to our home wellness sanctuary.

Be Positive

Help Ashley Calo be the next Ms. Health & Fitness while supporting a great cause! The B+ Foundation provides financial assistance to families, funds childhood cancer research, and brings awareness to the fight against childhood cancer.

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