Louise Valentine, MPH, CSCS, ACSM-EP, CPT, LMT

Industry-leading expert changing perimenopausal health & fitness outcomes for dedicated active women & runners age 35+ throughout the world!


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What fuels your passion for fitness?

As a female age 35+ integrative health, fitness & running expert, I've struggled with hormone, health & performance challenges. I've pursued education, research & designing holistic science-based solutions to ensure the same doesn't happen to others. Now award-winning across fields & a top podcast, I educate & empower other women with America's leading program & results to ditch hormone havoc, maximize a fit physique or run strong, energized & injury-free through perimenopause with LESS STRESS!

Tell us your favorite way to stay fit

I'm passionate about working with my female 35+ physiology, ensuring I'm working with my changing hormones & not against them to achieve my body composition, holistic well-being & running goals. In a world where women are told to go harder & faster, an approach that starts with self-love, nourishing optimal hormones, energy, gut health & metabolism is needed or our fitness efforts become counterproductive fast! I balance my love of running with lifting & a very active lifestyle with my family.

What would you do with $20,000?

I'd invest in my company Breaking Through Wellness to refine our industry-leading methods & delivery of customized 1:1 women's integrative health, nutrition, fitness & run coaching, so our clients who are meticulously dedicated to their health & performance can continue to mitigate hormone havoc, health & fitness decline without medication, endless supplements or overwhelm! The ripple effect would empower women with vibrant well-being to show up at their highest level for themselves & others.

Be Positive

Help Louise Valentine, MPH, CSCS, ACSM-EP, CPT, LMT be the next Ms. Health & Fitness while supporting a great cause! The B+ Foundation provides financial assistance to families, funds childhood cancer research, and brings awareness to the fight against childhood cancer.

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